Angel investing and venture capital with a mandate of –
no idea is left behind!

The Lira

What is a Lira?

A Lira

Lira is a common name for multiple currencies throughout history and many civilizations. The term originates from the value of a troy pound (Latin Libra) of high purity of silver.

The libra was the basis of the monetary ecosystem of the Roman Empire. Countries such as England, Egypt, France,Spain, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, San Marino, Syria, Vatican City and many Empires used the lira as their dominant currency. The lira exists in multiple languages in the Mediterranean to represent money.

Who is Lira Capital?

Similarly, Lira Capital (“LC”) mimics the same history of the lira. Lira Capital is a diverse source of capital, experience and knowledge devoted to aid ideas, teams and organizations to reach their optimal growth and practice their core values to the fullest.

“At Lira Capital, we support innovative design by people to a better future in various parts of our life.”

Do you have an Idea?


We are created by multiple families who strongly share specific common core values. The families come from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world, yet strongly believe in giving ideas the opportunity to prosper and flourish.
Whether the idea needs capital, experience or knowledge, this can be found in this group of families.

This vehicle is the families voice towards alternative investments and a channel for its generations to sustain an impactful role in the world. 
The team focuses on inclusion of youthful visions. “Children are the future” hence listening their vision of their own future is important.


Lira’s Team

Our Values

Transparency: “ What we see you see”

Value-centricity: “Must add to humanity”

Respect: “No idea left behind”

Curiosity: “We go where no one gone before”

Impact: “Powerful outcomes”

Innovation: “New ways of doing old things”

Ethical: “Not only legal but ethical”


Angel Investment

We provide early-stage seed funding for solid ideas that match our values. We also provide guidance, coaching and advisory to inventors/entrepreneurs to enable their success.

Venture Capital

We work with companies pre-launch by supporting them with capital to be used in launching their idea. We also connect entrepreneurs/founders with our network of business partners.

One the key matters that all stakeholders agreed on during the process of creating Lira Capital, is simplicity of our process. We wanted to be able to manage a team that can vet multiple opportunities without any bottlenecks. Therefore, we make our process very transparent and ahead of time for all inventors/founder/entrepreneurs to come prepared.

Simple is our team’s operative word. The following steps will show you how we approach any opportunity.

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1.) We listen to your idea

In this step, we meet with the idea holders or the decision makers in the company. This is a meet-and-greet connection where we learn the overall idea or concept, define requirements, roles, responsibilities then manage expectations. This is also considered our personal vetting stage where we seek to partner with a team with a high degree of fit. At, Lira Capital we only connect with direct final decision makers and respectfully decline proxies or brokers.

2.) We crunch the information

At this step we start the qualitative and quantitative research to vet the soundness of the idea. Usually this take 2-4 weeks depending on the required research depth. Moreover, we build a pro-forma financial model that aids us to measure the sensitivity, risk and attractiveness of the opportunity.

3.) We design an offer

In this step our team will work closely to formulate the best possible offer that serves all parties interests with focus on the idea success. The step might take 2-3 weeks depending on the risks involved and the future partners.

4.) We close a deal

At this step, we have already presented the offer and started the negotiations phase for a final status. Upon final offer approval, we will start the process of closing the deal and capital injection as per agreed.


At Lira Capital we believe both Technology and Engineering is the future for better humanity. Both areas provide the highest impact on humans quality of life. Therefore, we are keen to support ideas and companies who are seeking to prosper in these areas.  

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We consider any person with an idea as the only one we have! our time is scheduled to find the next idea that will change humans quality of life.

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